Fulfil your clubs potential

We believe locally based sporting clubs should be given the best chance to fulfil their potential within 

the local community. With limited funds and time-poor volunteers The Cool Hand Factory has formulated "Club Factory" to provide the tools to overcome these challenges.. 


It's been built to support Community Clubs by providing the tools and framework to expand and grow 

their base within the local area while positioning themselves as a professional brand that will attract 

local community partners.


WHY? Because we need to invest in and build strong sustainable local community clubs as they are the key in growing and resourcing the growth of their sport for years to come.The clubs not only lack the 

personnel, but the money, time and skills to create a sustainable business that is connected to the 

community and driving more opportunity back to the governing body to expand.


This new and exciting initiative has been designed to support and ensure growth in building a  

professional base, increase cash flow, grow player and supporter base, become a key part of the 

community while leading themselves into a more resourced and sustainable future. 


This will see sport bodies make a true investment as the governing body into the local clubs to ensure 

the clubs grow and have the right resource and skills to be effective in their communities in 

driving growth in the game.

See our                                  for more detailed information and this recent article in the

about how we are helping the rugby clubs in the Hunter Region.



There are TWO core elements to the Strategic Assessment:

1. An Online Assessment 
The online assessment enables us to gather a quick analysis of your Club operations, DNA and current state of play and identify any challenges it may be facing. (See preview below of the Online Assessment). This is followed by a


2. Face-to-Face meeting

We will then send you a summary of where you are at and what is required to get to where you want to go... at which point you can pick a package of deliverables from Step 2 below.

By taking the club assessment, you are not required to proceed to Step 2.


Some clubs use Step 1 as a benchmark setting exercise and use their internal skills to improve on the identified areas of risk and opportunity.



We understand the need to make sure your club gets the best bang for every buck it spends. With this in mind we have a range of deliverables you can choose from, or bundle together. Or take them all for the fullest discount.

CF1: Digital Upgrade - Design & Build a new Website
To be the home for all the latest news and updates including such things as: club records, game day information, online merchandise shop, booking & registration system.

CF2: Brand Book / Style Guide

This acts as a key document for your Club to ensure a consistent and on-brand message is communicated to your audience. 

CF3: Club Governance
Provide template and workshop to assist Club in building strong sustainable Club governance.


CF4: Strategic Planning & Financial Governance

Provide template and workshop to assist Club in building a long term plan.

CF5: Club Structure

Assisting in building a Club structure that will cover whole Club professionalism and recruitment and retention procedures.

CF6: Marketing & Communications Plan

Set up and provide direction on how to optimise marketing and communication tools. Create a marketing strategy for implementation. Provide assistance in creating direction for on-boarding partners, assist in building direction and advertising for Club membership and collateral.

CF7: Social Media

Management of social media handles, set up and direction on how to optimise these tools. How to meaningfully connect and grow a following.

CF8: Partnership Planning, Partnership Delivery

Assistance in building awareness of sponsorship deliverables, deliverables template, and how to successfully deliver co-marketing with partners.


CF9: Event Planning

Provide template and outline to grow interaction with supporters, sponsors and the local community.

CF10: Apparel Design / Merchandise

Assist with introductions to get a better commercial deal for apparel and merchandise. Template creation and negotiation tools to go to tender.



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