A progressive business that is passionate about investing funds, time and planning into our community. This is coupled with our focus and dedication to grow Rugby Union within Hunter Region.


This will be achieved by partnering with established local groups and organisations, state & local council projects, local sporting clubs and local schools.


By delivering a professional sporting pathway to the people of the Hunter, we will also play a key role in healthy positive living throughout the community and the youth throughout the region.


A team FOR the people, supported BY people with a 'give-back' mentality. Our focus is on sustainable practice, long term growth and community investment for every aspect of our team and business.



Businesses that partner with the Hunter Wildfires will have the opportunity to invest in a new and diverse sports partnerships methodology learning from the challenges other aspects of the game are facing. We are creating new pathways and processes, thinking outside the square and each step of the way ensuring we are motivated and driven by our values.


Partnering with the Hunter Wildfires will activate a number of key pursuits that will grow the identity of the business brand within the Hunter region.


How we will do things differently:

  1. A % of your funds will be placed in the Hunter Wildfires Growers Fund

  2. You will select and become an investor in a community initiative projects within the Hunter region

  3. You will be an inaugural funder/partner of the first professional Hunter Wildfires Rugby team

  4. Strategically build relationship throughout the Hunter, Australia, Asia and other international continents by being a partner of the first ever crowd funded rugby team

  5. Play a part in providing development to player’s careers and futures away from professional sport.



The Hunter Wildfires will be the first professional rugby team that will see all players have a key component of their contract designated to growing the game of rugby, investing back into their local community. This contractual obligation will help build the right culture and will also ensure rugby’s best assets (our players) play a part in growing grass roots rugby while connecting with supporters and community projects.


Our focus will see players cover the following four key areas:

  1. Have the opportunity to train as a professional rugby player with access to the best resources and equipment

  2. Play a hands-on role in growing rugby union within the community and across the Hunter

  3. Being involved in community projects throughout the Hunter region area

  4. Develop skills and training for life after rugby