• Start-up approach to the first five years focused on building a sustainable revenue stream by funneling spend into growth investment rather than CapEx.

  • Viability is therefore contingent on our ability to engage a strong subscriber base (membership) and corporate partnerships (sponsorship).

  • As such, there is a focus on spending on community/development projects (700K per year), a Rugby program that is funded sufficiently to provide an attractive product and marketing directly linked to customer acquisition.

  • In the period post-viability, the model produces profits that then can be reinvested in further growth, CapEx programs or dispersed to investors.

  • Given the 2019 runway (to build interest) into the 2020 season, it appears feasible that only a $500k initial investor fund is required to maintain positive cash position throughout the period to viability (Maturity) at which point the model is a good cash business.

  • Note the model is still a draft at this stage, there are other Revenue and Expense potentials that may materialise as we work towards a final model.


  • By clicking the X below you will be able to access the Draft Model in an Excel Workbook

  • You can then track through the assumptions for all revenue and expense lines

  • And follow the month to month forecast and working capital position


You will notice that:

  • Our product is Rugby

  • and our business model is a subscription model

  • If approached the right way, a professional rugby team has the potential to be an incredible business model









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